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Reality is something that we must all face on a daily basis. Although some of us choose to ignore it, and others struggle and fight with the challenges that it brings, we must embrace the authenticity of life. Margaret Munnerlyn is a writer whose works are based on our gifts and blessings, regardless of our imperfections.

Mrs. Munnerlyn’s pieces are derived from the inspiration she gains from her surroundings, whether those surroundings be the loving, caring and sensitive people by whom she was raised—her mother and father, Georgie Frances and Peter Moultry—cultural influences, or her adored mentally-challenged adult daughter, Arnetta.

In 2004, Mrs. Munnerlyn composed “Food for Thought,” a book about her life experiences. She described it as “one story creating another story.” In this day and age, genuine inspiration that comes from a reliable source should be spread and passed along, as it becomes tougher for us to embrace the authenticity of life and easier to accept the glamour of celebrity and prominence. Perhaps in reality, as Mrs. Munnerlyn has quoted in her poem “Important,” in Food for Thought, “we are so important being important that we have lost sight of what is really important, the creator or the creation?” The award-winning writer poses that and more intriguing questions in her stories which can be purchased on or

Margaret Munnerlyn is the author of the acclaimed Food for Thought, a collection of stories about her life and relationships with her loved ones. She attributes her success to her listening skills and the exposure to books she gained as a child from her mother, Georgie Frances Moultry, and her father, Peter Moultry and her cousin, J.T. Snead.

Ms. Munnerlyn has long enjoyed writing, and decided to professionally pursue the art upon receiving inspiration from her loved ones, whom she also incorporates into her work. Previously in her career, Ms. Munnerlyn worked as a director, translator and researcher for a play about Puerto Rican culture, and also served as a reading tutor for college students and grade school students.

Ms. Munnerlyn is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Editors Choice Award, the Poetry Ambassador Award and the Award for Exemplary Performance. She is a member of Poets International, and has earned certifications from the Albert Merrill School and The Lafayette Academy. Ms. Munnerlyn feels that writing is a method of stress relief which allows for personal development, enlightenment and spiritual growth.

Awards & Achievements

Three-Time Recipient, Editors Choice Award (2006, 2004, 2003)

Poetry Ambassador Award (2006)

Award for Exemplary Performance (1985)

Recognition, International Who’s Who in Poetry

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